How to Play

PhraseCatch is quite simple to learn how to play! Split into equal teams of Team A and Team B. If you have an odd number you can play with an all time guesser.
  • 1

    Pick a deck

    Scroll horizontally and click on a deck you would like to play.
  • 2

    Start the game

    Click "Start" to begin the round.
  • 3

    Skip word

    Describe the word on screen without using any part of the word in your description. Click "Next" if you are unable to describe the current word. If someone on your team describes the word correctly, pass the device to the person sitting to your left.
  • 4

    Timer done

    When the timer completes, the opposing team of whoever is holding the phone gains one point. Click the the text either Team A or Team B.
  • 5


    This process repeats until a team reaches the points to win value.
  • 6


    You can customize points to win, timer length and the dark mode toggle in the settings.
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